Coaching Training for Engineers – Authentic Change Agents

The Name of the Game is CHANGE!

Change AgentsIn this world today, Leadership is the process of creating and driving successful changes.  To be a successful leader in a technical organization you must command the Change Agent’s tools.  We offer several courses specifically targeted to those responsible for creating lasting changes, whether at the level of individuals, teams, or the organization.

  • Intro to Coaching
  • Coaching Certification Training
  • Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Clean Language / Symbolic Modeling for Coaches
  • Mentorship Skills
  • Mentorship Program Jump-Start and Installation
  • Behavioral Shaping and Performance Management Tools
  • Train the Trainer and Training Design Certification
  • Organizational Change Agent

For more information about scheduling these trainings, Please phone or WhatsApp:  +1-512-507-5464


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