Authentic Leadership Transition

Leadership Probles word cloud 12Making the leadership transition is among life’s most difficult personal challenges.– Claude Feistel, IBM PC/S Director

If you are making the move from being a Engineering, Technical, or Science professional to becoming a Leader, you face a pile of people problems.  But that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult.

In this year-long course and coaching program you will learn how to:

  • Match talent to the task and the task to the talent.
  • Make any work meaningful and worthwhile to your employees so that they are happier and more fulfilled in what they do.
  • Set objectives, follow up, and provide feedback on work so that your team commits to, and accomplishes, your team or departmental objectives.
  • Take shortcomings and develop them into important new habits that operationalize key patterns necessary for success in all sorts of business relationships.
  • Delegate and reinforce work in a way that commands respect and dedication.
  • Where to find the Emotional Intelligence that creates a stable environment and removes barriers so that you team can work most productively.
  • Tools to improve the quality of communication between yourself, your staff, peers, managers, and customers.
  • Evaluate and coach subordinates for operational success.
  • The importance of tying goals to values, and purpose and how to align personal objectives with the organizational mission.
  • How to deal with emotional employee conflicts and ego political issues.
  • How to facilitate workers’ accomplishments, remove barriers to success, provide the help and acknowledgment of strong effort that makes you a leader of staff that are loyal to you.
  • How to get ahead of the administrative overload and protect successfully protect your own productivity.
  • How to draw out natural motivation, commitment, and dedication from even the toughest employees.
  • Tools for getting to the heart of problem solving.
  • Negotiation techniques and language skills to gracefully influence outcomes.
  • How to manage customer expectations and focus their attention for success.
  • How to be happy and calm in your job in the face of all the stress.
  • Ways to foster engagement, dedication, and commitment from your employees.
  • How to work more effectively with your boss no matter what his or her personality.
  • How to set appropriate work / live balance boundaries to take care of yourself as well as your organization.

Your people will be very influenced by how you carry yourself under stress.” –  Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs

Learn the skills that make Technical Leadership a great career choice

As an engineer or scientist promoted to manager, team lead, or project manager so many of your problems are no longer technical.  They are people issues.   And if your organization is like most, they won’t give you much preparation for these new responsibilities.  You are expected to adjust quickly, even though your current technical skill sets don’t yet match the demands of your new roles, often while maintaining your technical contributions.

Frustrations like these can make you want to stick with being a technical fellow.  But your future career success depends on taking control of these people problems.

You don’t necessarily need a management degree to get the most out of your people

Happy TeamYou need pragmatic people skills that you can master without all the theory of an MBA.  Skills that can allow you to quickly become a leader that others want to follow.  Although they take a different mindset and different distinctions, people skills are learnable. Skills and tools that were modeled from accomplished Engineers, Scientists, and Technical professionals much like yourself who successfully made the transition from individual contributor to respected leader.

When it comes to solving the people problems, you already have what it takes, you just need to structure your thinking, interactions, and problem solving a little differently for people than you do when you are looking at a technical problem.


This course was nothing like I thought it would be and everything that it needed to be for my success.  Thank you Keith.”  – Sarah Davis – Technical Project Lead, HDR Engineering Services

Logistics & Tuition

Regular Tuition:  $4495 USD
Register by January 26 for $3995 — EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT OF $500

North Austin location specifics provided upon registration.   Bring your calendar, both from last year and next.

Cancellation: your tuition is transferable to any other Technical Leadership Skills training for a period of one year.

To get more information, call us at +1-512.507-5464 or contact us there on WhatsApp.

Our Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with all of your training experiences with us.  Individuals who complete the course work in full and are not satisfied for any reason may request that the fee be refunded.  Money, less the cost of used course materials, will be promptly refunded upon return of all course materials.  Please note that each of our courses requires a significant commitment on your, the learner’s, part.  We promote personal accountability principles in all that we do, and missing parts of the training will not serve you or your colleagues as exercises are designed to be interpersonal and interactive.  So no refunds will be made for courses not completed in full.  If you must miss a class, you may be able to make it up the next time the class is offered for the cost of materials.  If you have questions about this guarantee, or the course content, or its appropriateness for you, please ask before registering.  We will be glad to help you make the right decision for you.  Courses must be paid in full by completion of each training.  Payment plans may be available for a fee, ask as needed.   +1-512-507-5464


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