IT Dev Support

Your Technical Projects deliver products that need user training support.  Our training development specialists at Technical Leadership Skills design and deliver resources that will ease the adoption and acceptance of your software or hardware deliverables.

Keep customer and user training from being an afterthought.  Make sure your audience smoothly bridges the gap between early adopters and the critical mass that snowballs your project to recognized success.

Let us provide an analyst with a training development background who can also help your project with Use Cases, User Stories, and Requirements through the analysis and design phases.”


Our experienced business analysts have not only been trained on psychological learning theory and both Structured and Agile training design, but also the Rational Unified Process, Agile Software Development, and Scrum.  So you can subcontract a specialist with both analysis and learning theory to save money and increase usability, flexibility, and efficiency.

What Make Us Different?

All of our Tech Writers and Analysts are trained in technical analysis methods, RUP, Scrum, and Agile Development methods, as well as Structured Training Development Methodology, Agile Training Development Methods, and Cultural Change Theory, so that they can serve both as Business Analysts as well as Technical Training Developers and Cultural Change Specialists.

Whether you need support materials, traditional classroom training, or on-line augmented learning resources to go with a new application release…  Whether you are rolling out a customized set of tools to a large enterprise or designing a new product or process… our Training Analysts will help assure easy and comfortable user adoption and success for your project.

Call us now at +1-512.507.5464 by phone or WhatsApp to discuss your project needs and get a certified Training Developer or Tech Writer guaranteed to add value to your bottom line.