Course Offerings

Course OfferingsOver the years I have developed a number of classes to help Engineers, Scientists, and Technical professionals make the transition from specialists to leader and manager.  Based on 25+ years of management and consulting in these industries, I now offer the following standing classes both in-house and as stand-alone classes.  If these could be of assistance to you and your organization, I would love to chat with you about your specific needs.  I don’t believe that one size fits all and will customize my education to meet your specific needs.  That way together we can address exactly the skills that will make an immediate difference for you and your team.  Contact me at +1-512-507-5464 by phone or WhatsApp to discuss your needs.

Authentic Public Speaking for Career & Personal Development

  • Being yourself when it really counts, in front of the room.  To move up in an organization or an industry it is important to feel comfortable speaking to groups.  But many many people struggle with this and it holds them back.  Isn’t it time to step up to feeling really safe and secure in front?  Whether it is with a team, a division, or at a national conference your career will thank you, and so will your audience.

Prosperous Life By Design

  • Values alignment, goals, etc.  You may know something about the importance of directing your actions with goals, but this is much more…

Authentic Leadership Transition

  • The skills to handle people well aren’t taught at college nor on the job.  You must seek them out.  But even the best Mentor can’t describe their own complex people processes.  What you don’t even know is possible is what is holding you back.  Outstanding people management skills are just skills.  They can be learned.  You just need someone to show you and your team how.  Ask about First Meta-Programs.

Authentic Change Agent

  • Change may be  constant, but most change is constantly failing to deliver.   There are specific skills required to help an individual or a team or even an whole organization make a lasting and effective change.  Learn about change from culture to group to internal psych-odynamics.  Perfect for Coaches, Mentors, and professional managers.   You need skills and knowledge equivalent to Authentic Leadership Transition to take this course.

Energy Patterns of Success

  • Spirit is not the same as religion, it is that experience of belonging to something meaningful that is greater than yourself.   It could be a great team, family, community, church, organization, or even nature.  But when Spirit arises we know it by the living energy that flows through the system.  There are patterns that you can intentionally engage in to keep your processes lively and vital.  From this training flows a natural ease and success that you may have experienced but never consciously learned to create before.  Graduates find that success spans most areas of their lives because they are finally living from a congruent connection to their highest values.

For more information, contact me at or +1-512-507-5464 by phone or WhatsApp.