Authentic Public Speaking

Class 10You can learn great public speaking!

Public speaking is key to your career – and the confidence you gain will make a difference for the rest of your life.

When the stakes are high, overcome your FEAR!

  • Do you stumble or choke in front of a group?
  • Is shyness holding you back in your career?
  • Would you like your presentation skills to set you apart from your competition?

It’s an important skill

To be an effective leader in your workplace, college, community, or industry, there is no more important skill than comfortable interactions in front of a group.  Great presentations skills build deep and lasting relationships, establish strong connections, lead to better business, and generate authority.  You will increase your social confidence, connect with your audience’s most important values, and become the type of person people naturally respect.

Authentic Public Speaking is different from Toastmasters

We don’t teach platform skills, per se.  Although we can do that too if need be.  Rather we help you move from trepidation about speaking to claim your natural charisma.  Participants agree that it makes a real difference for both career and personal development.

  • Overcome social anxiety, and feel more confident!
  • Speak with confidence and ease
  • No more faking it ’till you make it
  • Make engaging presentations from a place of quiet fortitude and centered values
  • Find your own voice
  • Become the leader others want to follow

We have all been to presentations that make a difference and others that are simply required.  Which will yours be?

Contact me right now at +1-512-507-5464 to register for the next class or for more information.

What people are saying

I just wanted to survive my speech.  Instead I got an standing ovation!”  — W. Mark Thompson, Engineer Samsung

“This class exceeded my high standards and helped make me a much better speaker.”  — Fidel G. Fernandez, Texas A&M University,  Dwight Look College of Engineering

Spectacular!  I took away some great distinctions from this program.”  — Sam Freed, National Instruments

This is not what you get in Toastmasters.  It’s better!”  — Eric Daigle, Dell Computers

Taking advantage of Authentic Public Speaking has completely eliminated my fear of speaking in front of a group.”  — Chancy Williams

Course Content

Upon completion of this six-unit, 12-hour course, you will be able to:

  • Speak easily and fluidly without fear while being comfortable in your own skin
  • Expand your personal Presence to include any size audience
  • Connect deeply with your audience by overlapping your values with theirs
  • Create the natural charisma that leaves a positive lasting impression
  • Communicate smoothly and easily both in impromptu and prepared situations
  • Accept the reciprocal gratitude that is natural when people experience you as a leader
  • Identify the core values of the people to whom you are speaking

This course can also be delivered in a series of 6 two-hour sessions for in-house training over a number of days.

If you are also interested in presentation design, or platform skills, ask about our other courses and custom coaching for training presenters.  These separate courses are only delivered on an as needed basis.  Private consulting for presentation preparation, design, construction, or platform skills is available.

Course Commitment

Hours:  12  plus homework
Cost:  $495 USD

To Register Now, Call or WhatsApp:  +1-512-507-5464

Our Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with all of your training experiences with us.  Individuals who complete the course work in full and are not satisfied for any reason may request that the fee be refunded.  Money, less the cost of used course materials, will be promptly refunded upon return of all course materials.  Please note that each of our courses requires a significant commitment on your, the learner’s, part.  We attempt to live by personal accountability principles in all that we do, and missing parts of the training will not serve you or your classmates as exercises are designed to be interpersonal and interactive.  So no refunds will be made for courses not completed in full.  If you must miss a class, you may be able to make it up the next time the class is offered for the cost of materials.  If you have questions about this guarantee, or the course content, or its appropriateness for you, please ask before registering.  We will be glad to help you make the right decision for you.  Courses must be paid in full by completion of each training.  Payment plans may be available for a fee, ask as needed.   +1-512-507-5464


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