Business Coaching

Business CoachingBy now you know that becoming a leader is not for sissies.  If you are struggling and think you shouldn’t be, then working with a professional coach may be your next step.  We both know you can do even better in your career than you currently are.

A good coach will help you organize your goals and priorities so that you work more effectively and accelerate your career, even while creating a more balanced lifestyle.

What can a coach do for you?

  • Teach you techniques for dealing with your team that make things go smoother and help you organize your interactions so that you get more done in less time,
  • Teach you to organize the job to the people you have or get the right people that fit the job,
  • Ask you to challenge yourself further than you would have ever done on your own and structure opportunities to get the feedback and learnings necessary for growth,
  • Provide the tools, support, and structure so you accomplish more, more efficiently and help you remove the barriers that have stopped you in the past,
  • Bring out the best in you so that you bring out the best in those who stand with you

Have access to an outside perspective

Professional Coaching provides a expert meta-perspective that is difficult to get from inside your team.  It is like having your own personal consultant looking out for your best interests and helping you align them with your organization and industry.  In this way you naturally become the respected leader others want to follow.

Over the past 25+ years I have worked with hundreds of technical, engineering, and science managers as an experienced professional mentor, a confidant, who is committed to your well-being, happiness, and success.  I draw from my extensive background in:

  • Engineering and project management
  • Communication skills and motivation
  • Instruction and learning strategies
  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques
  • Personal growth techniques

I have experience in businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Lets talk

If we both decide coaching could be a benefit to you, we will craft a special partnership for the benefit of your career.  In the coaching relationship I will focus on goals that will transform the quality of your work experience.  Although many people have told me that the skills and insights that they gain also spill over into their personal and family lives as well.

Client-coach synergy is transformational.  However, if you are not yet ready to make a proactive, positive change in your life, this may not be the time for you to team up with a coach.  But if you are sincerely ready to take yourself and your abilities more seriously and make a real difference in the world, then let’s talk.

I will help you look past how things appear, to how you can be at your peak.  Help you set higher quality objectives and then make those career enhancing goals reality.  A together we will facilitate your focus so you produce the results you want more quickly.

Contact me at +1-512-507-5464 by phone or WhatsApp for questions or a non-committal, free discussion about whether coaching might be right for you or your team.  I look forward to helping you achieve your highest potential in all that you do.

“The people of your organization can turn to you to get a fresh perspective.
—  Don’t you deserve someone to turn to?”