Brain Science

Brain Science 450x323A new era is upon us.   The era of meta-awareness and the realization of neural plasticity.  For the past 20 years I have been following developments in neurology and neuropsychology and am increasingly excited about the revolutionary discoveries in these areas.

From the fMRI, to the work on neuropeptides and neurotransmitters, to the Human Connectome Project, knowledge of how we process information is growing at an ever accelerating rate.

At the same time the world has become aware that thinking is not all that it seems.  We are awakening to the realization that our perceptions of the world are only abstract representations of what is actually going on around and within us.  Although it seems like we are perceiving the world directly, we are actually working with our maps of reality, not reality it self.  This mind-bending idea opens us to practical affects in the world.

We no longer have to be prisoners of our own thoughts and beliefs

If the past and future are just ideas, why not learn to think about them in ways that are most supportive and generative for our well being?

Research has shown that the who we think of ourselves as being is just the tip of the iceberg.  Our personal “I” may believe that it is in charge, but this is an illusion of our ego’s own vanity.  Moments before every conscious decision our unconscious brains are already processing that information, and we don’t even know it.  The unconscious mind has been determined to run most of our bodily processes without our awareness.  And we can even solve problems while we sleep or while we think consciously about other things.

Studying the pragmatic implications of all this research reveals practical insights that can make our lives better.  We can make use of these new findings to improve our relationships, increase our productivity, nurture our children and subordinates better, become more effective in the world, clear old mental barriers, and live a better life.

Its these practical applications that drive my interest in all things brain science.  If you too are fascinated by this revolution, I hope you will join me in the dialogues.

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